Size Guide

The Basics Of Wall Art Sizes

Let’s begin with the basics of standard wall art sizes and their measurements. 

Small Art

Small art can be anything from postcard size up to around 30-40cm (12-16 inches). At this size, smaller prints can easily be swapped around, placed on shelves and styled as an accessory, as well as hung alongside other artwork or furniture.

Medium Art

Medium art can be anywhere between 40-60cm (16-24 inches). Ideally hung on the wall or placed on picture shelves, medium prints are still small enough to be styled with other pieces but not too small to look lost when displayed on their own.

Large Art

Large art measures from 60cm up to 90cm (24-35 inches), making an impact when hung on the wall. This size looks great as a wall art set or at the center of a gallery wall.

Extra Large Art

Anything over 90cm (35 inches +) is considered extra large art or oversized, perfect for hanging above a bed or sofa and if you have a large wall space to fill. These are the pieces that speak volume and 'wow' anyone who glances at them.